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FTWCTP-Records will release second Messerschmitt album on vinyl!

We are proud to announce that Jörg Müller of ftwctp-records will release our second album on vinyl! There was no doubt after the release of NDTK that we are in best hands and work together with him in the future. Yesterday we made it official with some cold beer!
17.02.2018 - Emsdetten

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Livereview / 04.11.2017

Newest Blog entry
By Chris 13 Aug, 2017

Since this year is already sloooowly entering its final months, it would be time to recap what 2017 was all about for Messerschmitt – if there already was a 2016 recap, that is. For there was no blog entry since our Berlin-Gig at the end of 2015, we will have to do some catching up.

2016 was quite a transitional year for the band as our rehearsal room was still closed up for renovation. We were toying around with the idea of moving out to another rehearsal space (like all the other bands from our complex) but ended up deciding to wait out the renovation period. The reasons for this were, among a couple of personal challenges for some band members, that we were tired of playing the same playlist in areas we already presented these songs numerous times, especially North Rhine Westphalia. As a result we wanted to take on fewer shows after we had played Essen, Wuppertal and Oberhausen in the spring of 2016.

Now we wanted to focus on writing new material for our sophomore album. The exception would be concerts that were farther away (Hamburg, Heusden, Bitterfeld in 2016, Itzehoe with Solstice in 2017 - great fuckin' night by the way...) as well as special venues or festivals (Source of Steel, Der Detze Rockt in 2016, Grillapokalypse and Turock in 2017). For these gigs we partly rehearsed in other rehearsal rooms, e.g. Eliminator's in Wuppertal – thanks for that. This year, our rehearsal room finally opened again, which means we can bring our new songs to life – molding and honing them until they become what we envision.

Yesterday was a good opportunity for us as we opened for the mighty Flotsam & Jetsam in the widely-known turock live-club in Essen and damn, those guys are good. It was a great gig for us as well and we had lots of fun. Since there were many other festivals and concerts going on simultaneously on this weekend, the place wasn't really packed. Big thanks though to the maniacs that showed up, greatly supporting us and the main act! It was a little bummer that after Flotsams gig, both bands quickly had to pack up their shit and get out of the club as fast as they could, just so some 90s trash-pop party could start on time. Needless to say, there were hundreds of people waiting outside to get in for that.... oh well ;)

Next in store is more songwriting and rehearsing said songs, we're inching closer to new material!

Cheers and don't mess with

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