By Chris 13 Aug, 2017

Since this year is already sloooowly entering its final months, it would be time to recap what 2017 was all about for Messerschmitt – if there already was a 2016 recap, that is. For there was no blog entry since our Berlin-Gig at the end of 2015, we will have to do some catching up.

2016 was quite a transitional year for the band as our rehearsal room was still closed up for renovation. We were toying around with the idea of moving out to another rehearsal space (like all the other bands from our complex) but ended up deciding to wait out the renovation period. The reasons for this were, among a couple of personal challenges for some band members, that we were tired of playing the same playlist in areas we already presented these songs numerous times, especially North Rhine Westphalia. As a result we wanted to take on fewer shows after we had played Essen, Wuppertal and Oberhausen in the spring of 2016.

Now we wanted to focus on writing new material for our sophomore album. The exception would be concerts that were farther away (Hamburg, Heusden, Bitterfeld in 2016, Itzehoe with Solstice in 2017 - great fuckin' night by the way...) as well as special venues or festivals (Source of Steel, Der Detze Rockt in 2016, Grillapokalypse and Turock in 2017). For these gigs we partly rehearsed in other rehearsal rooms, e.g. Eliminator's in Wuppertal – thanks for that. This year, our rehearsal room finally opened again, which means we can bring our new songs to life – molding and honing them until they become what we envision.

Yesterday was a good opportunity for us as we opened for the mighty Flotsam & Jetsam in the widely-known turock live-club in Essen and damn, those guys are good. It was a great gig for us as well and we had lots of fun. Since there were many other festivals and concerts going on simultaneously on this weekend, the place wasn't really packed. Big thanks though to the maniacs that showed up, greatly supporting us and the main act! It was a little bummer that after Flotsams gig, both bands quickly had to pack up their shit and get out of the club as fast as they could, just so some 90s trash-pop party could start on time. Needless to say, there were hundreds of people waiting outside to get in for that.... oh well ;)

Next in store is more songwriting and rehearsing said songs, we're inching closer to new material!

Cheers and don't mess with

By Chris 29 Dec, 2015

2015 is coming to an end. Since our last blog entry is from April it's time to catch up on what happened since!

So...... After handing our recordings to Yannic from Yava Music, new gigs were lined up as we awaited the finalized album. We played quite nice gigs in Oberhausen and Mülheim an der Ruhr, whereas Mülheim stood out solely because Maik and me were twice attacked outside by a freaking bird! Judging by its colorful feathers it was likely some sort of parakeet – whatever it was, it was uber aggressive and ambushed us out of nowhere. Couldn't stop laughing about it for days.... Courageously, I whipped out my camera in the heat of danger and got to film the second attack, risking life and limb.

Next up was a gig in Colognes cellar-based club MTC, right during a big heatwave that had us sweating bullets. This was the last gig before the album was finally done, as after four months of going over every song with Yannic again and again and again, all details were in place and the general sound was acclaimed by everyone. The pressing plant did a really nice and fast job, so after only two weeks or so we held the result in our hands in August. Needless to say we were all super stoked and proud of our work. In todays music world though, albums don't sell when you're not touring. So, new gigs were in store! The first "post-album"-concert took place in Kreuztals "Die Kammer". After waiting several hours as well as the opening band "treating" everybody to some 20 minutes long mindless jamming in the middle of their set, it was our turn. The gig didn't go that well though, so the only solace was provided in form of really great sandwiches by the club.

Our pair of gigs in September went far better – in Münster we were able to activate a good portion of the crowd during our – admittedly early – gig at Münster Metal Massaker. A week later in Braunschweig, the crowd really came to have a good time. People packed the relatively small Pub called "Schabreu" and banged their heads while sometimes even singing along – this is what a truly great underground gig should look like! Like our previous Braunschweig-Concert at B58, this was absolutely worth the drive. After a small outing in a corner pub in Schwelm we got a spontaneous offer to come to Otzenhausen and replace a band in the "Schlacht um Otzenhausen"-festival. An opening slot, yet it was the opening slot on the main stage and that sounded good enough to us. Sadly, this turned out to be a dud. The black metal-heavy crowd was standing sheepishly in the back, only rounding up a bit of applause after the songs, at best. With so much empty space in front of us, it really felt like a rehearsal and to be fair, the motivation to put on a great show sunk song by song.

"Rehearsing" is a good keyword at this point, since we again were locked out of our rehearsal space. Funnily, this happened again before a concert at Schwelm, like last year. Just as last time, the rehearsal complex has to undergo construction work thanks to provisions concerning fire protection – just feels like effin' Groundhog Day. December started with a super spontaneous offer to open for Hobbs' Angel of Death in Oberhausen. Couldn't make the gig but the other three guys put on a retro 3-man show in good ol' Helvete. Still, the year wasn't over for us yet, as we had our first Gig at Berlin lined up with Fatal Embrace. The six-hour-drive (one way) was worth it though, as after an alcoholic night the performance at the Cortina Bob was fun and a good way to close the year. Especially after Otzenhausen, it felt nice to finish on a more positive note. Sitting backstage eating rubber-edged pizza, we already looked toward next year: Getting our rehearsal room back, playing in Essen again in January and of course going to Hamburg and Daun during the summer to play some great festivals.

So that's it for this year, have a nice New Year's Party!
See you in 2016 and don't mess with...

By Chris 16 Apr, 2015

Hello People,

It has been a good while since our last entry. Now it's time for me to debut on this blog do a little recap of what went on so far in 2015.

Live-wise, we played three gigs to date. The first one was already a pretty special occasion, as we celebrated Messerschmitt's fifth anniversary at Thrash 'n' Speed Mania, traditionally held at AJZ Bahndamm Wermelskirchen. Although we couldn't quite draw the numbers we envisioned for this thing, everybody got their money's worth, at least from what I know. With Wermelskirchen it's always a little difficult in that respect: The AJZ absolutely rules as a location but you just can't get anywhere by public transportation at night, so drinking would be pretty much out of the question. As a result, many potential guests decide to be lazy, just stay at home and miss some awesome gigs. As for us, we all (except Flo of course!) were a little tired as we hit the stage after ejnoying six interesting bands from four different countries before us! We had a really fun gig though with an awesome crowd, so the tiredness quickly made way for excitement and joy. BTW: Props go out to Ili from Contradiction and HMHTV for capturing our gig with several cameras. Never watched a gig of ourselves quite like that – thanks!

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